How Much is your Privacy worth? Keeping your confidence!

Thursday 21st March 2019
Management team

For some people, their personal lives are open for all to see, with no concern for their reputation or confidentiality. Others are in sensitive professional positions, and therefore their personal lives are to be fiercely protected. Still others are not necessarily in a prominent or public position, but still have a professional reputation to uphold, possibly within their company or the community. As the saying goes, "Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another". This is not to say that many men don't actively choose to conduct themselves with integrity when it comes to their personal lives, Lets take a married man as an example.... some guys can find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of remaining with…

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Tuesday 12th February 2019

This Valentine's Day, save yourself from being lonely or dateless. Instead, give a new kind of dating a chance!. Our regular clients will know exactly what we mean! Well, lets put it this way. What if this week you could find a date who is smart, sexy, beautiful and energetic all at once? And, even more, what if this potential date of yours comes to see you whenever and wherever you please? Nodding already? Great, let's now talk how you can book yourself a date with our Valentines escorts!! Dating our team is always popular... So, what does this type of dating include, and is it a Valentine's Day pass only? Well, not quite. Our agency is an amazing platform which guarantees…

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Thursday 31st January 2019
Lexa 27 Swansea based. With the Agency for 12 months.

The adult industry has always fascinated me. Primarily as a feminist, I've always been curious as to whether escorts are empowered or vulnerable. I've always enjoyed intimacy and interaction and got a buzz from the effects one person can have on the other and often wondered if a business transaction would hinder or add excitement to this experience. I made the decision to satisfy my curiosity in January last year when I joined the Agency. My personal experience has dispelled any myths I had about the life of an escort and who may use them. I am educated, consider myself a normal woman and far from the stereotype I imagined. Likewise, our clients are normal men, looking to escape from the pressure…

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How do we consistently attract the top elite Escort talent in the Region?

Saturday 1st December 2018
Management Team - Pic is of Stitch the office dog!

The Escort market in Wales is fiercely competitive with many escorts vying for clients. It is tough for new Agencies entering the market as it is so overcrowded and there is little scope to grow. When new or existing Agencies bang on about offering quality not quantity this is often an excuse about failing to attract new talent! In this business you attract and retain new talent or you go to the wall. So what do we do - On top of the critical practices of ensuring confidentiality and safety for everyone? 1. We stand out from the competition by not using either overly glossy standard bra and underwear pics usually photoshopped OR tacky selfies taken in someones bedroom or lounge. This…

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Roleplay and Fantasy outfits your bag Sir? - Read on........

Saturday 3rd November 2018
Management Team

NAUGHTY OUTFITS AND FANTASY ROLEPLAY YOUR BAG? - YOUR IN GREAT HANDS! We often get asked 'Do your girls have dressing up outfits?' Excellent question. After all there's no shortage of them available and they do have the rather pleasing advantage of inducing the wearer (and the watcher) into assuming personalities and situations that' are altogether sexier than real life. That's right - We are talking about roleplay. GUILTY PLEASURES Escorting in itself is a kind of roleplay. Most escorts work under assumed names and the role allows them to explore parts of their own personalities and preferences that they probably wouldn't dare reveal to anyone close. Just putting on sexy lingerie for the pleasure of a stranger can be an incredibly erotic…

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Why do clients use our high end Agency? What dreadful pitfalls should clients be aware of?

Wednesday 17th October 2018
Management Team

Most people hire escorts from agencies that specialize in the business, particularly if you are a first time client dipping your toe in the water or maybe visiting South Wales or Southwest England. The main pic by the way is Ana available to book by appointment. There are many advantages to using a VIP agency such as ours. VIP Agencies such as ours screen escorts for quality and only the best are accepted. Not one of our team have a profile on the Adultwork website or work as independent escorts. Our team are all students or have a range of professional or other 'proper' jobs. Because of this, you can be sure that you will have a good experience with them.…

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Channel 5 Documentary FIRST TIME CALLGIRL aired on Channel 5 available on Catchup

Monday 10th September 2018
Management Team

The recent television documentary First Time Call Girl that aired on Channel 5 provided a fascinating expose into the reality of Cardiff escorts (and featured PORTFOLIO ESCORTS) where self-employed attractive women are represented by escort agencies to provide companionship for clients. The show explored how local Welsh escorts can earn a great deal of money each week and focused predominantly on an attractive ebony graduate named Alexis. After being interviewed by Portfolio Alexis was given a brief overview of what her expectations would be and how she would be paid for her time. At a catch-up point in the documentary, Alexis indicated how "empowering" her new career made her feel; having men pay fees to spend time with her. Many…

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